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So You’ve Been to the Trade Show: What is Next?

So you have recently attended a conference or trade show. You were well prepared. You identified your goals and used your time to make key connections. But the show is over and you are back home. Now what? Don’t let all the preparation and time well-spent go to waste by getting caught up in catching up and not following through. 

An essential part of marketing and networking is the follow through. Here are Ten Tips for Post Conference Follow Through.

Trade Show Season Post

1. Make a top line list of all media that came by the booth or with whom you visited and determine  follow up activities for each. Next determine who is responsible and when  should the follow up take place.

2. Make a list of all competitors that you visited at the show and include any important notes such as products they premiered, their booth or showroom presentation,  sponsorships they took part in and their social media presence.

3. Take note of general observations about you or your client’s booth display/location/activity/overall presence. What worked well? What changes would you suggest in the future?

4. Review the social media from the show? Were there any innovative tactics used that could be of future reference?

5. The show offers lots of client one-on-one time. Make a list of any new developments/news we learned from our clients, colleagues or partners and summarize these insights for people on your team who did not attend the show.

6. Take note, in a place you will remember to reference in the future, of new ideas or opportunities for  the next year.

7. Recap the media connections, social mentions, and placements  made in a report to your boss or client.

8. Send a hand written note to new contacts, old friends and media you met or reconnected with.

9. Make any necessary follow up emails and phone calls within the first week.

10. Review any literature or swag you brought home and file it for reference, pass it on to someone who did not attend and might have interest or get rid of it. This is the pile that is most likely to sit, untouched until next year, so go ahead and handle it now.

We hope these tips help you make the most of your conference and trade show experience.

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