When Brand Sponsorship Works

April 19, 2017 – So, I am sure we are all excited and relieved that #ApriltheGiraffe FINALLY had her baby. Perhaps no one is more excited about the whole event than the marketers at Toys “R” Us. I was not an avid follower of the pregnancy saga. Been there. Did that. Got the t-shirt (and three offspring of my own). But, I couldn’t ignore the live Giraffe cam as it came through my Facebook feed every day. Then one day, I noticed something different. There was Continue reading →

How to kill the sale

Not too long ago, I had an interaction with a rep from a trade association through which I was trying to book a client for a sponsorship/speaking opportunity. My interactions with this so called industry “expert,” left much to be desired and provides a good example for how to kill a sale. You see, in our discussions he tried to sell his services in order to make our curriculum more of a value to the audience. When I asked for his bio to discuss this option with Continue reading →

So You’ve Been to the Trade Show: What is Next?

So you have recently attended a conference or trade show. You were well prepared. You identified your goals and used your time to make key connections. But the show is over and you are back home. Now what? Don’t let all the preparation and time well-spent go to waste by getting caught up in catching up and not following through.  An essential part of marketing and networking is the follow through. Here are Ten Tips for Post Conference Follow Through. 1. Make a top line Continue reading →

15 Tips for Maximize Trade Show PR Potential

It is nearly Spring and we are approaching trade shows and conference season. You’ve been there. The frantic rush to get your booth and materials ready, to prepare a presentation you have been asked to speak on, or to set up key appointments. We all know trade shows are a good place to put your goods and services on display and connect with sales prospects and other industry partners. Conferences also offer an opportunity to further your education within an industry or niche, make connections, and garner Continue reading →

Five Lessons Nonprofits Should Learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge

August 30, 2014 By now, everyone has heard of the “ice bucket challenge” and perhaps, many of you have taken it on. Nonprofit marketing teams across the country are likely brainstorming what stunt they can perform in the hopes that it goes “viral.” Before you begin your campaign, here are five things to consider. 1. The Message Always Matters Who knows anything more about ALS as a result of this challenge? While at opening day ceremonies for my daughter’s football/cheerleading season, the coaches took on Continue reading →

Introducing MarketAbility PR

Helping Causes Communicate. MarketAbility PR is a scalable approach to integrated communications to help cause organizations increase visibility and engagement through social, marketing and media channels. Having spent much of my career working with nonprofit organizations of all scopes, issues and sizes, I have noticed a common thread of communication challenges running through all of them. In 2010, I gave birth to a baby boy who had Trisomy 21, also known as Down syndrome, which means he has an extra copy of the 21st chromosome. Continue reading →
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